Reporting to the Minister of Energy, the South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI) provides a wide range of data and research and development services to support private sector projects in such fields as energy efficiency, advanced fossil fuels, clean energy solutions and green transport.

SANEDI chief executive Kadri Nassiep outlined during an agenda-setting discussion with […]

11th August, 2015|

SASTELA’S Growing Network

As part of its programme to develop long-term working relationships with key decision makers in the solar energy space, SASTELA has held meetings with a wide range of institutions over the past few months.
These include the Department of Energy, the Central Energy Fund, the National Planning Commission, National Treasury, the Department of Science and Technology, […]

11th August, 2015|

State urged to rethink stake for solar power

-Business Day

CONCENTRATED solar power (CSP) want a bigger allocation for SCP projects in the government’s independent power producer procurement programme.

11th August, 2015|